Dog Walking

Mentally stimulate your dog

Dogs require physical and mental stimulation. Many behavurial problems are a result of isolation, boredom or insufficiant excersize.

Our dog walking service is designed for those owners who me be out at work all day or have other commitments.


The physical benefits of dog walking

Just like people, dogs can quickly put on a few unwanted pounds, especially as they get older and exercise less. In fact, a staggering 25% of all dogs in the UK are overweight - and most owners don't even realise it until they take their pets to the vet for a related illness. Overweight and obese dogs are much more likely to develop obesity-related health problems such as diabetes, respiratory conditions, arthritis, even behavioural problems. So it's easy to see why monitoring your dog's weight and body condition carefully is important.


Dog walking

Excersise is important for a dog. Dogs need daily walking to keep them happy and healthy. Experts recommend at least 30-60 minutes a day of excersise for your dog. Walking your dog stimulates their mind and body keeping them happy, healthy and fit.


Puppy Walking or visits

Puppies need companionship & short walks, we offer care visits that meet your needs.



We do one on one walking around your own enviroment so your dog receives the full benefit from its session without having to be transported. Undevided attention, play and stimulation will be provided for your best friend. Once walked your playful pooch will be returned home, towel dried and given food and water if requested.